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Who I am

When I was a kid my main questions where "Why should I do this?" and "How does it work?".
After a while my relatives where not able to answer all of them so I started finding by myself the information.
That is how it started my love for reading. I had the luck to grow in a house full of books from every field.
Not just science but also literature, history and geography.
I grew up, but still today I'm almost the same selfish and egocentric kid with the same questions in mind.
Here you may find some of my answers I got in these years.

Who they think I am

If you are looking for more technical details, you may be interested in my curriculum vitae studiorumque.
It is just a part of what I am but the most important for who is giving me a job ;).

What there is here?

This website mainly contains papers and tutorials about Computer Science, Maths and other fields of science up to a University level.
You will also find a graphic section with my drawings, and a reviews one containing my personal thoughts on some stuff I buy. It follows a semi-complete list of things you may find here in detail. Press down to scroll all them.

Computer science

Computer science is one of the fields where I am most mastered. I got a bachelor degree on it, this should make evident my devotion.
My favorite subjects are machine learning techniques, computer vision applications, discrete system simulations, the processing of natural languages and language design.
In the last two years I started some projects applied to biotechnologies. One of them has been my Bachelor thesis.
In this website you may find projects and information about all these areas.


The true love for Maths was born at the University. For years my teachers have not been mathematicians.
Engineers usually have a very strange approach to the subject, that I simply dislike: they do not feel the beauty and the elegance in it, they just use maths like an instrument.
Than at the University, I had many very good professors who helped me looking at Maths in the proper way. I will never thanks them enough!
In this website you my find some topics usually not very know mainly linked to computer science applications, signal processing and biological systems.


I usually find reviews very valuable and an important part of what you are going to buy. The problem is that they are often made by people which are not very mastered on the topic they are speaking about.
Often the buyer itself is not mastered and can not see the mistakes made by the reviewer. In this website I will manly review things like art supplies or related to my fields of studies, after a pretty long test and/or usage.
I hope this will make my work reliable on your sight! You may find some other reviews (mainly in Italian) on my Amazon profile karurochari


I'm definitely a bad artist, and my results are just ghneee!
The problem is that I love so much drawing, but fornitures are quite expensive.
This makes me not just a poor artist but a poorer computer scientist.
However if you want to see what I do in my spare time you are welcome. You may also find useful information about art stuff and products.

Other stuff!

I have many other interests: I truely love languages in all the shapes, expecially the ones already dead by a lot of time.
That's why I studied Latin and German at the high school. In the future many others are coming!
I played karate for 10 years in the past and I reached the first dan.
I also love to bake bread and cookies!

That's all!

I hope that these few slides where good enough to make you stay here and look at some of the website contents. So, follow this link to go back and discover more!
And remember, open loop control systems are a very bad design! I would very pleased for every feedback coming from you!
Feel free to contact me for everything at the address me[at]karurochari[dot]com!
See ya!

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