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In recent years I never had as much time to pour on a single project, so this list of project is more like the sorrow enumeration of abandonments and regrets.

Small utilities

I worked on few small utilities and libraries over the years. They are mostly side-projects which were/are meant to be used inside an other one, but since they retain some marginal utility I decided to make them available.


Have you ever wanted to decompose a json file in multiple fragments to modularize it, simplify revisioning tasks and split responsability over its maintenance to different people?
No? Well I did. With this tool it is possible to compile nested directories and fragment files into a single json file.


A minimalistic server to integrate auto-updating functionality on tauri apps.
It also extends the original protocol to support multichannel delivery (beta, pre-release, stable etc.) and licencing. It can be easily integrated with virtually any SQL database server.
Available on npm as @tauri-services/taus


Automatic generation of dynamic library interfaces and bindings from a json specification file.
It allows to share the same schema between application and any arbitrary implementation of a dynamic library.
A major redesign improving on many aspects and extending its feature-set was under development, but as of now it has been halted and this version is the only one available.

3D Printing

I have a strong interest over 3D printing and its industrial applications. Aside from personal projects which have not been recorded, like building one or designing pieces some random parts in CadQuery, there are two project of more relevance which I have been working on:


The design of a FDM printer based on a multi-head matrix and shared bed kinematic.
It is meant to be cost effective, scalable and relatively high throughput, thanks to its parallelization.
The main targets for this design are industrial manufacturing and research.

echidna control

Due to the particular nature of echidna printers, any interface currently available like Mainsail or Octoprint are virtually unusable or extremely limiting.
Echidna control is yet an other for a slighly modified version of moonraker supporting all features needed for echidna printers.


semantic rooms

Scientific Applications & Simulations

This is the area of my PhD program, more specifically stochastic simulations for biochemical and biological systems.


Old projects

During highschool I had a lot of spare time, which basically resulted in a ton of stupid projects well over my skill level at that time. Like my many attempts to build an operating system from scratch and its companion bootloader, now lost forever in an old pentium III computer and few floppy disks.
Or a collaborative platform to publish fanfiction for me and my friends that I wrote during my English lessons in the computer lab; that one is still somewhere online but the cringe level contained therein is too powerful to be shared.