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For a more detailed and boring version, please check here. If you need any further information, please get in touch with me.

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  • Bachelor degree in information engineering @ UniPD;
  • 2-years master program in industrial biotechnologies @ UniTn;
  • PhD in computer science near completion @ Newcastle University;


  • Photography for both scientific and more “artistic” applications;
  • Biocomputing & synthetic biology, if only I had a lab;
  • Virtual and augmented reality, virtual environment and human interfaces;
  • Additive manufacturing processes, mostly 3d printing and 3d scanning;
  • Blockchain technologies;
  • Drawing, sculpting and all that kind of stuff;
  • Glottology & linguistics;

And books. I always love to find a random one covering some obscure topic, and try to understand as much as possible from it even if I am not familiar with the subject. Some people enjoy adventures, and those are my favourite kind.

Languages for robots 🤖

Good enough to avoid near all seg-faults with C/C++; up to date with the most recent standards.
Still working on preventing ALL seg-faults by properly learning rust once for all.
Some experience with low-level programming, microcontrollers and assembly languages for different architectures.

Some past experiences with web development on older versions of PHP. Good knowledge of HTML5/CSS/JavaScript.
In this context, I mostly work with vue and other libraries which are part of the same eco-system.

Sufficient skills with python and R, mostly for scientific usage or scripting within software like blender or CAD suites.
Not the best sysadmin on linux platforms by a long shot, but I can get around fine with shell scripting and keep my system alive for a while.

Languages for fake robots

Native speaker of Italiano.
Good enough with English. Unless you are from Glasgow ❤️; I try my best, but there is only so much humans can do.
Basic level of Deutsch, sufficient to order food, but not to complain about myself picking the wrong item from the menu.
Scholastic level of Latina. Enough to get how bad From Software’s lyrics truly are.
I am trying to improve my 日本語, but learning 漢字 require too many neurons working at the same time.


To keep it short, time is limited. There is not enough to learn, work, commit myself to projects and document them.
I have been able to pick only 2.5 of them at once, and the lack of content in this section should be relatively self-explanatory on which choice I mostly went for so far.

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